Iselin Lund Hudtwalcker


  • Free-hand drawing, sketching and nude, with Jan Cato Bøttger
  • Nydalen Painting School, acrylic painting, with Heidi Øiseth
  • Marius Moe, oil still life
  • Open Workshop, Eva Kurseth, acrylic painting
  • Roar Werner Eriksen, Big painting, acrylic painting
  • Roar Werner Eriksen/Markus Brendmoe, advanced acrylic painting
  • Markus Brendmoe/Andreas Siqueland, advanced acrylic painting

My fascination for both painting and photography has gradually evolved into drawing digitally on my own photos.

Elements in nature inspire associations that I rework in different ways.

I draw freehand in order to preserve a form of hands-on craftsmanship in a digital format.

Contrasts are at the center of my approach to photography, as a tool to highlight the graphic aspect and thereby, to both shed light on and defamiliarize the ordinary things that tend to elude us in everyday life.

I have an artisan background and training, which I have previously applied in the designing of handbags.


  • Bogstad Gård
  • H12 Galleriverkstedet